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  • Thimerosal
      Thimerosal is a mercury containing perservative used by pharmaceutical companies in vaccines.
      Mercury is the second most dangerous element found on our planet.
      The form of mercury found in Thimerosal is ethyl mercury which is even more neurologically dangerous than organic mercury.
      The vetinary industry removed thimerosal from animal vaccines in the 1980's because of neurotoxicity.
      The US government "recommended" that the pharmaceutical industry remove thimerosal from childhood vaccines by 2001; it however did not not "mandate" this and has left it up to private pharmaceutical companies' own discretion.
      Currently, six US states have passed legislation outlawing thimerosal from vaccines (20 more states have legislation pending).  The state of Tennessee is one state that currently has legislation proposed; but sadly St. Jude Children's Hospital is actively lobbying against the law (presumably as a friend of the pharmaceutical industry for financial reasons as thimerosal only poses risk to children and not health benefits).
      In December 2005, the US federal government past a law allowing doctors and pharmaceutical companies to ignore individual state laws that outlaw thimerosal.
      The federal government has included protection for pharmaceutical companies from lawsuits for mercury poisoning, illness and death from vaccines several times since 2001.  This immunity has been attached to several laws (including the Homeland Security Act) several times by lobbyist for the pharmaceutical companies (and those profiting from the lobbyists).  Dedicated parents, scientists and ethical government officials have been able to get these protections reversed several times.  The most recent protection for pharmaceutical companies was placed into the Senate's Appropriations Bill for 2006.  This bill can not be line vetoed and is the working document for the Senate's yearly budget.  Therefore, so that the Senate could accept a budget and our government could continue to run, this bill was accepted and immunity for the pharmaceutical companies remains in effect at this time.  

  • Symptoms
      The symptoms of Mercury Poisoning and Autism are identical.  To see a comparison chart of symptoms click here.

  • Diagnosis
      Most of today's doctors are not aware of the proper way to test children for chronic mercury poisoning.  A simple blood, urine or stool test will not accurately diagnose chronic metal poisoning because metals do not stay in the bloodstream for long.  If they are not excreted then the metals will attach itself to tissue and organs.  Therefore, the only way to detect the presence of metals in the organ systems is to complete a challenge test by administering a chelator and then testing to see if any has been drawn out.  A less obtrusive way of testing is hair analysis.  Since we all come in contact with toxins (including mercury) each day we also should all be excreting it and one way this is excreted is through the hair.  Children with Autism are often found to have low or no level of mercury found in hair analysis.  The reason for this is that the children are not excreting it and are therefore storing the metals in their bodies.  See the counting rules for more information about hair analysis.

  • Treatment
      The treatment for mercury poisoning and autism is multifacited.  It includes removing the metals, replenishing vital nutrients that are often missing because of the poisoning and decreasing daily exposure to toxins.  Many new treatments are also being explored and are warranted dependent on the damage that the child has experienced (such as gastro-intestinal, low dose naltrexone, hyperbarics and others).  Additionally, therapies (such as occupational and speech) may be incorporated to help the child catch up developmentally as they heal physically.
      Treatment for mercury poisoning and autism can be delicate.  To find a trained doctor in the biomedical treatment of autism visit DAN! (Defeat Autism Now!).  Remember, not even all DAN! doctors are created equal.  I would recommend speaking to other parents about their experiences with individual doctors when trying to choose a doctor.  Some online resources such as the Autism Mercury message board and Generation Rescue's Rescue Angels are very good places to find information for beginning a biomedical treatment program.

Disclaimer:  The material on this site is for informational purposes only and is not to be meant as medical advice.  Please consult a trusted and knowledgeable physician when making medical and treatment decisions.

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